Winter Retreat 2023/24

20.12.2023 - 20.01.2024

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Lotus Buddhist Monastery


Dae Poep Sa Nim offers us the great opportunity to participate in this year’s winter retreat at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery on the Big Island. During the retreat, we will have the great blessing of being with Dae Poep Sa Nim daily in the monastery, practicing under Dae Poep Sa Nim’s guidance and receiving all the wonderful energy and inspiration that Dae Poep Sa Nim gives us for our everyday lives. We will enjoy a happy family gathering with our Sangha members. All of this takes place in our most beautiful paradise, the Lotus Buddhist Monastery, which Dae Poep Sa Nim created for us all.

This winter retreat is very special, with many events taking place. On December 22, there is the DonJi ceremony (red bean soup), which helps to take out the negativity from past years. December 24 (November 12 by the lunar calendar) is the 16th anniversary of the inauguration of the World Peace Kwan Se Um Bo Sal. On December 29 there will be a beautiful wedding of Steffen and Amy. There will be a New Year’s ceremony, and the Ocean Ceremony will be on January 4. Finally, January 18 will be the special ceremony of Sok Ga Mo Ni Buddha’s Enlightenment Day. During the retreat, there will also be regular moon ceremonies and special events for which each person gives an offering.


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