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Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim is the founder and Supreme Matriarch of the Yun Hwa Denomination of World Social Buddhism. 

Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim has been traveling and teaching for more than 35 years in many European countries. That is why most of Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim’s students are European. In 1993, the Lotus Buddhist Monastery was established in Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From there, the Supreme Matriarch teaches in many ways. Directly through retreats, through writing and sending the Daily Sutra to the students and subscribers every day since 1992, without skipping one single day, creating Energy Spiritual Writing Paintings which tremendously benefit all their owners, cooking the most exquisite and healthy food, creating beauty and showing at each moment what true compassion is.  

Having attained Buddha’s (the Absolute, the Truth)’s energy, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim is a Great Dharma Energy Master able to balance nature’s energy, so that the nature does not cause tragedies. In fact, as an example, since the Supreme Matriarch has been residing on the Big Island, there have been no natural calamities that have affected this island. This is unusual, because historically, the Big Island has been the target of hurricanes and tsunamis and home to dangerous lava eruptions and earthquakes. Local island people are well aware of this. 

Teaching a pure Buddhism with direct lineage to Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), free of any specific country’s tradition and seeing the whole world as one family, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim’s teaching is able to fit into any culture, thus making possible the creation of German Buddhism, French Buddhism, Spanish Buddhism, etc.  

Experiencing directly what war is about and having been personally injured in war, the Supreme Matriarch is working day and night for World Peace. In 2006, a 20 m (65 ft.) tall, solid granite World Peace Kwan Se Um Bo Sal statue has been built at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery, as an indestructible root of Eternal World Peace.   

Native of Korea, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim was born in 1946. Following the advice of Dae Poep Sa Nim’s Master, the Supreme Matriarch moved to the United States in 1968.  

Energy Paintings

The Daily Sutra and the Energy Spiritual Writing Paintings are both very important. The Daily Sutras are Buddha’s messages, given for each day’s energy while, through the energy paintings, Dae Poep Sa Nim transmits supernatural penetration power and energy with each brush stroke. Each painting has a particular purpose, which continuously helps you to have a better life.

The homes or offices where these paintings hang are places of great protection and energy, it is just like having a temple in one’s own home. Anyone who lives or works in the presence of an energy painting receives great benefit from it, regardless of which religion or belief he might have. No matter what, the energy painting will work for him. Everybody can feel the supernatural penetration power, which Dae Poep Sa Nim transmits through the canvas. Many, many people have expressed their wish to write a testimonial letter, in order to share with others their experience of the great help and benefit they have already received through these energy paintings.

Dae Poep Sa Nim explains that this kind of advertisement is not necessary since the energy paintings are a treasure, which anybody can receive; they serve to benefit the person who receives them and the people who are around them. People who have enough virtue are able to get an energy painting, but if there is not enough virtue, a person has to build up the correct connection and relationship in order to find the energy paintings.

In the past, when people received an energy painting, they did so simply because they wished to have one. However, because the energy paintings are so powerful and work so well, the people started to appreciate more and more the art which comes from the truth. Because so many people have been lucky enough to receive a painting, nowadays the tremendous benefit the energy paintings provide is widely well-known. Furthermore, the number of paintings Dae Poep Sa Nim can do each year becomes smaller and smaller, and as a result, the paintings are becoming even more rare and sought-after.

Because of all these developments, Dae Poep Sa Nim is very concerned that somebody might want to take or steal your energy painting. Dae Poep Sa Nim emphasized that those of you who have a painting should keep it very safely and preciously. In order to make sure that it stays with you, your family, or your successors, you should always protect it against theft or any kind of forfeiture.

Dae Poep Sa Nim’s paintings are an important and vital part of the Dharma work, which will not only help you in your life, but which will also help to bring about peace in this world.

To Dae Poep Sa Nim’s paintings

Daily Reminders

The 84,000 sutras which exist today were actually written, at that time in history, in the present day, day by day, just as our present-day teaching of Buddha is actually being written today, day by day, until as time goes by, the teachings come together once again to become the 84,000 sutras.

What happens today becomes tomorrow’s history. Today’s negative thoughts, speech, and actions become tomorrow’s negative situations, the history of what we have made today.

Of course, today’s positive thoughts, speech, and actions become tomorrow’s positive history.

It is just like this: Whether we make negative karma or positive karma, we actually make it today. If, because of one’s past negative karma, one makes negative karma again today, when will this negative karma disappear? When will one come out of ignorance?

If one stays on the path of Buddha, remains clear, and does correct actions, then one can eliminate one’s past negative karma, and make good karma today, which will become one’s good virtue for tomorrow.

In the future, today’s teaching will help everyone to come out of ignorance, to find clarity and emancipation, to become correct human beings, and to do many bodhisattva actions. These teachings will lead us to live for others, to do our correct functions and duties as human beings, and to live most meaningful, appreciative lives, so that we can have infinite joyous nirvana, and become great workers for world peace.

Thus, we can adorn this world with true beauty and become true, sincere sons and daughters of Buddha. This important teaching, which is a message from Buddha, will make us most beautiful human beings.

Example: Forms of Buddhism

6086 February 6, 2009 Lotus Buddhist Monastery

One day in China, a student asked his Zen master, “What is the most exquisite, deepest meaning of Zen Buddhism?”

The master answered, “Taoism says, ‘I did not hide anything.’ It is the same in Zen Buddhism; there is nothing hidden.” The master saw that the student did not understand what he was talking about, so he told him, “Please come and take a walk in our garden. Do you smell the fragrance of nature?”

The Student answered, “Yes” The master then said, “See? I am not hiding anything from you.”

The student was dumbfounded.

Buddhism, regardless of what kind of Buddhism or denomination, teaches that in the truth, there is nothing to hide. The only difference is the step that one chooses to step upon in order to attain one’s realization.

All the different forms of Buddhism teach only one thing and that is to attain the truth. The reason why there are many denominations and different forms of Buddhism is because of people’s likes and dislikes of certain practices.

Social Buddhism teaches to attain the truth and embraces all different forms of Buddhism. Under the care of Buddha (which means the absolute, the truth), Dharma and Sangha, one practices and polishes oneself. One is never separated from Buddha. In one’s daily life, when one polishes one’s six senses that are obscured by greed and desires, one lives a true life that is filled with love and compassion. One eliminates all of one’s ignorance and lives an Eightfold Path life, so that without even wasting one single moment, one lives an appreciative life.

One never looks back and has great hope for the future. One will then reach the realm of emancipation, so that life after life, one can attain joyous nirvana and true happiness. One will live one’s life and be like the sweet, beautiful fragrance of the lotus flower which has nothing to hide.

What I am teaching you is not new. You heard about it before in either this or a past life. This daily teaching is simply to remind us so that we can be clear and live correctly in this and future lives. Believing this teaching is entirely the decision of the one who reads it. In addition, applying one’s own concept to this teaching is the choice of the reader himself or herself. © Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim

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