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Yun Hwa Retreat Program:

All retreats are held under the guidance of Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim. Yun Hwa Meditation Retreats offer all elements of our practice: sitting and walking meditation, mantra practice, traditional chanting, prostrations and the Ki Song exercises.

Retreats usually go from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Each retreat day begins at 6am with prostrations, Ki Song exercises, meditation and Sutra Chanting. During the day there are various practice sessions, a Video or Audio Dharma speech by Dae Poep Sa Nim, as well as discussion rounds.

The discussion rounds provide a framework to deepen our understanding of how to integrate practice into our daily lives and to share our understanding of teachings and Sutras. Between the different units there are breaks for mantra writing practice and for short Coffee breaks. On Saturday night we have a social event.

In 12 Countries

24 Times each Year

More than 500+ Participants

Under the guidance of an enlightened Master

Retreats 2022

10.06.2022 - 12.06.2022 | France

Organized by centers: West-Paris
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16.06.2022 - 19.06.2022 | Norway

Organized by centers: Oslo

24.06.2022 - 26.06.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Derneburg

08.07.2022 - 10.07.2022 | Austria

19.08.2022 - 21.08.2022 | Austria

Organized by centers: Waldviertel, Wienerwald, Würzburg

26.08.2022 - 28.08.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Chiemsee

02.09.2022 - 04.09.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Darmstadt

16.09.2022 - 18.09.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Brandenburg

23.09.2022 - 25.09.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Hannover

30.09.2022 - 02.10.2022 | Austria

Organized by centers: Wien

07.10.2022 - 09.10.2022 | Turkey

Organized by centers: Istanbul

14.10.2022 - 16.10.2022 | Switzerland

Organized by centers: Bern

14.10.2022 - 16.10.2022

Organized by centers: Bern, Luzern, Schwarzenburg, Zürich
Das Retreat ermöglicht inne zu halten und die Yun Hwa Meditationspraxis neu zu lernen oder zu vertiefen. Dae Poep Sa Nim leitet den Retreat energetisch direkt vom Lotos Buddhist Monastery in Hawaii und unterstützt jeden Teilnehmenden individuell, u. a. mit der Möglichkeit persönliche Fragen an Dae Poep Sa Nim zu richten. Es wird eine persönliche Anleitung […]

28.10.2022 - 30.10.2022 | Germany

Organized by centers: Bonn, Hagen