Jan 1, 1900

As an astronomer looks at the place of the sky and researches what is going on in the sky, so the human being looks at the place of the human being’s mind, and according to what kind of mind a person has, people will judge him. According to his mindfulness, people either like him or dislike him.

Especially important is one’s own mindfulness and the flowing of one’s mind. Whether one’s mind flows correctly or incorrectly means the difference between success and failure. At the same time, this can also mean a good relationship or a negative relationship, or it can mean a life separated from others, which means a lonely life.

The course of a human being’s life goes according to one’s own mind, how one keeps one’s mind, and how one uses one’s mind. When a person is ignorant and does not keep his mind correctly, but instead always changes his mind like the weather, then it is difficult for him to have a relationship with others. At the same time, he makes himself suffer.

True love, our own true asset, is to open our own mind door to others so that our minds can harmonize together.

But if a person cannot even keep his mind correctly, how can he open his mind door for others?

Practicing means to always keep one’s mind correctly and to use it correctly. At the same time, practicing means not to become tainted or impure, and not to become caught by anything.

Practicing means to keep one’s mind clear. It means to change the mind of always wishing and yearning for something from others, to that of giving your mind to others.

What I am teaching you is not new. You heard about it before in either this or a past life. This daily teaching is simply to remind us so that we can be clear and live correctly in this and future lives. Believing this teaching is entirely the decision of the one who reads it. In addition, applying one’s own concept to this teaching is the choice of the reader himself or herself. © Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim