Jan 1, 1900

From ancient times, all the enlightened Buddhas depended on the teaching of Buddha, which is the Sutra, and on the mantra. Thus, they received all the help and realized the truth.

The teaching of Buddha and the mantra help eliminate the sentient beings’ ignorance, so that they always receive protection energy from Buddha. A person who has realized Buddha, and whom we call a master, benefits everyone.

Everyone realizes Buddha through the mantra, which the master gives to his students. A master saves everyone by helping those people to come out of ignorance by means of Buddha’s energy. They realize the ultimate level of the truth through the mantra.

The truth is empty, but in there attain the treasure. With that treasure, benefit all sentient beings, and with incalculable wisdom, teach all sentient beings and benefit them. Also, let them stay on the path of truth and help them become a Buddha or bodhisattva themselves.

Na Mu Kwan Se Um Bo Sal
Na Mu So Ga Mo Ni Bul
Chong Gak Mio Poep Yun Hwa Kyong

These twenty-one syllables have exquisite power which benefits everyone. Depend on this mantra, eliminate your own ignorance, and attain the wisdom paramita in order to save yourself and others.

A person who practices sincerely realizes how great the power and the benefit of the mantra are for everyone. He appreciates it, and realizes that the mantra is a treasure.

While a person is doing mantras, he can eliminate all his negative thoughts and 84,000 delusions. The mind which does the mantra changes from a narrow mind to a wide, spacious mind. Then, if one’s situation is difficult, it will disappear, and one’s mind can suddenly find stability and serenity. Whatever a person did not think about before comes to his mind; good thoughts and good ideas appear which can make him very happy.

The mantra even helps one’s own body energy to become balanced. Thus, one can find that self which is connected to the mantra, and one can feel the support through the energy and blessings.

I am sending energy and blessings to all of you through the mantra. In the course of many years, nature and all of you have received great benefit by means of the mantra. Therefore, please realize that the mind which is doing the mantra brings peace to you.

The mantra is true speech, true words and true power. Furthermore, it opens the door to the truth. Because of one’s own karma and concepts, one cannot open the Great Path Gate which has no gate. One’s own true mind which does the mantra will follow the Great Path to the truth, so that one can truly find true I.

Also, the mantra will make one’s own 84,000 devils surrender, and one will find one’s own Buddha, who is the owner of the six senses. One can then accomplish and attain Great I. When people are in an ignorant state of mind, they do not realize what exquisite power the mantra has. When you repeat the mantra and depend on it more and more, you will realize the truth and the facts of emptiness. Through this, you will become the owner of your six senses.

What I am teaching you is not new. You heard about it before in either this or a past life. This daily teaching is simply to remind us so that we can be clear and live correctly in this and future lives. Believing this teaching is entirely the decision of the one who reads it. In addition, applying one’s own concept to this teaching is the choice of the reader himself or herself. © Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim