Jan 1, 1900

The hateful mind, the blaming mind, the jealous mind, and the mind to seek revenge are all actually poisons which ruin oneself.

For example, if a person has a blaming, hateful mind, that seed of blame and hate will come back to him, and he will receive the blame and hate of others.

By the same token, if someone has the mind of wanting to seek revenge or hurt others, that seed of hurt and revenge will turn back on that person, and he will become the target of revenge and harm himself.

Likewise, if a person has a jealous mind, instead of progressing in life, he will regress. Thus, this seed of jealousy will ensure that he is always in situations which cause him to be jealous of others who are doing better than he is.

All these types of the ignorant mind are not only poison for oneself; it also means that one becomes one’s own enemy.

The mind of hatred, blaming, revenge, and jealousy-put them all down, and always have the mind that you are starting a new life again.

Then one can rescue oneself from that jail without windows, which one creates oneself.

Even though we live in a social life which is like a spider web, this kind of “put it down” mind will make us just like a keen-eyed horse gliding, soaring, and galloping through a wide space.

Always look at yourself; check to see if you bother or irritate others, or what kind of actions you do.

For example, if you do many more wrong actions than others, but at the same time, you also dislike others and have a negative mind towards them, then you should tell yourself how much ignorance you have.

Many people think that they go to the world of paradise only after they die, if they have created good karma. Of course, there is a world of paradise after death, but actually it is here in our existence. While we are alive, we must enjoy this paradise life.

The reason why people often cannot enjoy this present paradise is their individual negative karma. However, no matter how much negative karma one may have, if a person has the seed of good virtue and prosperity, with that seed he will enjoy this present paradise life when his own negative karma disappears.

Also, paradise is not far away from hell. It is always close to it. It is just like a beautiful lotus flower blooming in the dirty mud. Even though that mud which is next to the lotus flower is dirty and smelly, it supports the roots of the lotus flower’s fragrance. That mud turns into clean dirt and provides great nourishment for the roots of the lotus flower, becoming bodhisattva dirt which benefits others.

For example, some people have good karma, but if they do not have the seed of prosperity and virtue, they experience difficulty living a paradise life. The reason why I made this beautiful monastery and beautiful Dharma Palace is my wish to give a great seed of prosperity to everyone. That is why our monastery is adorned with beauty.

This seed of beauty and prosperity will benefit everyone and bring about world peace. It will become a great seed of beauty, a great seed of adorning everything with beauty, just like the lotus flower blooming in the dirty pond.

I send my blessings and energy to the whole world from this beautiful monastery and this Dharma Palace. All the students who come here realize how much help they receive in this place. If people who come to this holy place have a mind of jealousy, greed and desire, then it is difficult for them to receive help. Yet, whoever comes here to the Palace of Dharma and the headquarters of World Social Buddhism receives a great seed of prosperity.

What I am teaching you is not new. You heard about it before in either this or a past life. This daily teaching is simply to remind us so that we can be clear and live correctly in this and future lives. Believing this teaching is entirely the decision of the one who reads it. In addition, applying one’s own concept to this teaching is the choice of the reader himself or herself. © Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim